Fujifilm Pro CDU II Dupe Special 8" x 10" / 50 Sheets

Fujifilm Pro CDU II Dupe Special 8" x 10" / 50 Sheets
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Fujichrome Duplicating Film CDU Type II is a coupler-incorporated color reversal film for duplicating transparencies. It is ideal for duplication of reversal film, color separation work, second-generation duplication, and production of transparencies from color prints. Embodying Fujifilm's state-of-the-art emulsion technologies, this material can be used with tungsten light sources to produce duplicates of color transparencies that are accurate and faithful to the original in color and tone, even in second and third generation duplications.

Fujifilm's proprietary Sigma Crystal technology.

Interlayer Effect Controlling technology.

Fine-tuned Spectral Sensitivity technology.

Standard E-6 processing.