Fuji Fujifilm Pro Velvia 100 Special 8" x 10" / 10 Sheets Zoom

Fuji Fujifilm Pro Velvia 100 Special 8" x 10" / 10 Sheets

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Fuji Professional Sheet Film In Stock! Outdated ~ Cold Stored for the ENTIRE Life of the Film ~ Great Savings Dated 01/2012 or Better ISO 100 Speed Multi-Color-Correction Layer Technology Ultra-High Saturated Color Reproduction Improved Skin Tone Reproduction World-Class Color Fidelity FUJICHROME Velvia 100 Professional [RVP 100] is a daylight-type high-image-quality color reversal film with an ISO speed rating of 100. In addition to the world’s highest level of color saturation, this film boasts an RMS granularity of 8, making it suitable for scenery, nature photography and other subjects that demand precisely modulated, vibrant color reproduction and high image quality. • ISO 100 Speed ............. • Ultrahigh-saturation ... Color Reproduction • Super-fine Grain .......... • Color Image Storage ... Permanence • Superb Push/Pull......... Processing Suitability Easy-to-use ISO 100 rating with the world’s highest level of color saturation. Attainment of the world’s highest color saturation level equal to that of Velvia (ISO50) through the incorporation of new cyan, magenta and yellow couplers. RMS granularity of 8, one of the finest level. Color image storage permanence (anti-fading characteristics) equal to that of RVP 100F as a result of new couplers. Minimum variation in color and gradation during push/pull processing over a range from –1/2 to +1 stop, providing an expanded range of phototaking opportunities, as well as facilitating fine adjustments in exposure and density during processing and allowing an increase in speed of up to +2 stops (equal to EI 400), depending on the scene