Fujifilm Pro 4 x 5 / 10 Sheets FP-100c 45 SpecialZoom

Fujifilm Pro 4 x 5 / 10 Sheets FP-100c 45 Special

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SOLD OUT Fuji Professional Film Blowout! Blowout! Outdated ~ Cold Stored ~ Great Savings Dated 01/2010 or Better Description Fuji Instant Color Film FP-100C45 is a "peel-apart-type" instant color daylight film with an ISO speed rating of 100. Fujifilm FP-100C45 instant color film represents the primary type of instant product used within the professional and ID market places. FP-100C45 can be used in cameras and other photographic equipment that accept instant film with an image size of 4 in x 5 in. , and those provided or fitted with an instant camera back. The FP-100C45 instant film series has been optimized for shooting under daylight or electronic flash. Features ISO 100 with exceptional image quality Excellent results with low light/long exposures Increased resistance to fading light Improved results in over / under development times & a wide range of temperature ranges