Digital Harinezumi 3 -Special Edition- Hedgehog 3 White Box Set DH3Zoom

Digital Harinezumi 3 -Special Edition- Hedgehog 3 White Box Set DH3

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The unforgettable and unique depiction of the subjects in photographs and movies. Equipped with 10 different color modes, from vivid colors to high contrast black and white, that will make expressing fun. Macro function allows impressive close-ups at 3cm. (Capture the world you have never seen before. Frame rate changing function available allowing you to take stop-motion like movies from back in the day. Over Exposure allows you to control and produce different exposure levels. (Control the light exposure as you like) Equipped with digital zoom that lets you to take extremely lo-fi, grainy image on purpose. (3.5x zoom) Smoky feature allows presentation of soft focus or foggy-like states. (Create movies as if you were in dreams..) feature.Improved menu operation. The special edition box set, which includes all the accessories you need for the camera. It contains a Digital Harinezumi Camera DH3, 2GB Micro SD card, USB card reader, CR-2 battery, camera strap, and a camera case.