The Debonair Classic 120 Film CameraZoom

The Debonair Classic 120 Film Camera

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The classic 120 Debonair Camera. Shoots 645 (6 x 4.5 cm) to give you 16 shots on a standard 120 roll. This historically documented "hybrid" is a little bit country, and a little bit Rock N' Roll. Capturing the spirit of the Holga, with a few dashes of the Diana mixed in for good measure. On top of the camera is a “hot shoe” so that you may add a flash. The flash requires the "shady setting" to fire. We recommend one of the Lomo flashes but just about any simple flash will do. Over all it is best to use 64, 100, 125 or 200 iso film for direct sunlight and if you equip with a flash or for overcast days, the 400 iso film usually works a little better. But this is Debonair territory, so there are absolutely NO RULES! • Utilizes 120 film (35mm for Sprocket Hole photography) • Once in a while, ‘light leaks’ may result which produce unique effects • The awesome 60mm optical Super Plastic Lens, f/8 shoots up a storm • Shoots at approx 1/50th sec on cloudy/flash - 1/100th sec shutter on sunny • No batteries needed • Hot shoe for flash (Flash must be purchased separately) Camera Only.