Dazzling Pre-Headz by Kleptolambdoll Powershovel Audio - CDZoom

Dazzling Pre-Headz by Kleptolambdoll Powershovel Audio - CD

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Check out the Progressive Dance Music presented by Kleptomaniac and Rie Lambdoll, 2 key persons of Tokyo and Osaka underground scene. With the intimate interaction to the representative of Tokyo Underground Hip-Hop label "Black Smoker Records," Kleptomaniac has collaborated with different names variously, such as the designs of artworks for the label, and also starts NOYZARUS with KILLE-BONG& CHI33. Not only as a musician, meanwhile she is also an artist, leading the art group "WAG." (ex-name: Waginass) and has presented many paintings, collage works, and illustrated books. Using music as her energy, she creates visual art works and sometimes with music only if it is not enough to express visually. On the other side in Osaka, the female beat maker, Rie Lambdoll, also creates art and music without a borderline. She started her musical activities formally after she played a part in the music released by "Corrupted" Germany, the leading label of Japanese hardcore scene. First she made tracks solo, and then played together with artists from various fields overseas and domestically using her unique network formed during streets lives. In this collaboration, they played sounds together in the studio just like a live show, presenting a sound documentary of how far and what they will explore. Visit the Dazzling Pre-Headz special site