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Chobi Cam Cheese Mini Digital Camera

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Just Say Cheese with the CHOBi Cam Mini Digital Camera
As a lot of you may know, we specialize in bringing into the USA, the latest and greatest from all over the world and this little Cheese Camera has melted our Harvati with its Brie all you can Brie attitude. World renown for its fine Grana capability, and quick changing Feta Stops. If you don't use this Camera and instantly fall in love with it, you simply don't know Jack. This time, when you say "Cheese" you can really say it with meaning and purpose. Lets cut to the cheese and tell you a little bit about this mighty mini just recently added to our cupboard. The yellow, wedge-shaped, ABS plastic bodied camera packs an incredible number of features into a very small slice... we're talking 30mm by 45mm (1.2 by 1.8 inches) small and it weighs a mere half an ounce. It snaps fantastic stills however users aren't limited to taking 1280 1024 pix resolution still images. Simply charge the camera's internal battery for an hour from any USB2.0 port via the included cable and the CHOBi CAM Cheese can record video (720 480pix 24fps maximum video resolution) for up to 45 minutes and sound for up to 75 minutes. Comes with a detachable carrying strap, a USB connector cable and a Japanese-language instruction manual all packed neatly into a cheese-themed retail box. In the shape of a hunk of Swiss cheese the world's first, "CHOBi CAM cheese (say cheese)" is a very GOUDA mini digital camera. Needless to say that when taking a picture it will be a million times easier to get everyone to "Say Cheese"! You will be pleasantly surprised by the wonderful images this little block of cheese. Product name CHOBi CAM Cheese Model number CHBICACHE Warranty 3 months from CHOBI CAM Size side length 45 30 24mm depth Weight About 16g Corresponding memory microSD / SDHC memory card (up to 32GB) Video resolution 720 480pix up to 24fps (AVI file) Video length About up to 45 minutes Still image resolution 1280 1024pix (JPEG file) Voice recording time About 75 minutes maximum (MP3 file) Power (Charging from USB port) Internal Battery Charging time About 1 hour Input and output terminal USB2.0 interface Date setting No Accessories CHOBi CAM Cheese Cho Bikkamuchizu accessories Camera body strap USB cable , manual (with warranty)