Bevnocular Beverage Double Flask Classic Binocular Shaped 16 oz.Zoom

Bevnocular Beverage Double Flask Classic Binocular Shaped 16 oz.

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Are you seeing double from your 50 yard line seats? 16 Oz. Classic Binocular Double Flask This binocular double flask looks EXACTLY like a real set of binoculars. DON'T GET CAUGHT WITH A SET THAT LOOKS 20 YEARS OLD!!! Fool the authorities and your friends with these redesigned Binocular Flasks, with their rubberized coating, they look more realistic than any previous model. With how real these binocular flasks look, no one will ever know they are really secret beverage flasks. These are probably the most popular flasks for men ever made. Going to a concert, footy, the horse races or a rugby match and can't bring your favorite beverage? We have a solution for you ... our 16 oz. binocular flasks: a double-chambered secret flask disguised as binoculars. Just don't try to take these secret flasks into a night club because that might be a bit obvious! These classic binocular flasks are double-chambered flasks that holds over 16 oz. (480ml) of your favorite beverage. Each eyepiece unscrews to a separate 8 oz. (240ml) flask chamber. Your flask binoculars set comes complete with a neck strap and a small funnel. Don't get caught with the outdated binocular flasks from 20 years ago! Buy our redesigned Binocular Flask and get a Bird's Eye view of the game.