Agfa Agfachrome Precisa Slide Film 36 Exposures ISO 100Zoom

Agfa Agfachrome Precisa Slide Film 36 Exposures ISO 100

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Agfa Agfachrome Photo CT Precisa-100
Cold Stored - Secret Stash - The Last Batch - Dated 02/2019 - Shooting Perfectly Fine! Ideal for sun and cloudless skies Bright, clear colors Extremely sharp and fine-grained Detailed reproduction in all areas of light and shade Every slideshow is special with the Agfa CT precisa 100. This film reproduces your impressions and experiences true to life and with great precision. All colors remain natural and undistorted - whether heavenly blue, sun yellow or brick red. In addition: contours are razor-sharp no matter how light the colors. CT precisa does what its name implies. It demonstrates its capabilities, above all, in the precision of its color reproduction. Whether strong fir green or delicate salmon pink - all the colors remain true to nature. So your slides can give you true pleasure.