5 Rolls Konica 35mm x 36 Exp Professional 160 Color Pro Film Zoom

5 Rolls Konica 35mm x 36 Exp Professional 160 Color Pro Film

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5 Rolls Konica 160 Color Print Film Loaded by us. Konica created a new generation of 160 speed film designed with professional photographers in mind. This new, improved 160 speed film provides features that will help professional portrait, wedding, commercial and industrial photographers control skin tones and colors to achieve desired effects. Reproductions of every color in the subject, including bright colors and difficult intermediate tones such as teal, are captured with Konica color Professional 160. Nuances in tone are captured and reproduced with rich, natural vividness. Black and white tones are also superior, resulting in excellent renditions of wedding dresses and formal wear. Featuring advanced halogen silver crystal technology, Konica color Professional 160 delivers fine granularity at a higher level than ever before. Images appear more detailed with finer texture for vivid reproduction of skin tones, clothing and background objects. Even when enlarging an image, the film's ultra-fine granularity retains detailed and accurate image making it ideal for actor's head shots, family studio portraits and fashion photography. Images will develop just as they were shot due to enhanced-keeping characteristics prior to exposure and improved latent image stability after exposure. Images are protected from camera to final printing thanks to greater resistance to pressure marks and scratches. The excellent design compatibility with photofinishing equipment provides for easier handling in the photo lab. The range of gradations, from highlights to shadows, produces a meticulous balance for smooth colors and natural facial tones. Subtle hints in both highlights and shadows add to the luster of photos providing the photographer and end-customer with true-to-life, clean portraits. Recommended light sources are daylight, electronic flash, photographic fluorescent lamp and blue. 5 Rolls