3M Scotch 400F Color Print Film 35mm x 36 Exp SpecialZoom

3M Scotch 400F Color Print Film 35mm x 36 Exp Special

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Another wonderful emulsion preserved in our cold room that we listed for the Expired Film Day folks and we are keeping it posted for everyone that celebrates expired film all year round. A terrific blog on all things Photo Film related by Mark O'brien has a post dedicated to this fine vintage 3M film as "Some Aged Scotch"
Check out his blog and flickr photographic posts. Vintage 3M Scotch 400F Speed Negative Color Print Film 35mm x 36 Exposure Scotch ATG Emulsion Another really fun, Funky Old Emulsion from a now extinct manufacturer from a large lot in our cold room 35mm Negative Film 35mm at 36 Exposure Process C-41 Cold Stored C-41 Processing ISO 400/DIN Extremely Rare ATG 400F Emulsion This is a rare film, and this series was unique from back in the day as Scotch was trying to set themselves apart from the field and did some R & D, which mainly resulted in this ATG Series of films, which were originally meant to assist with underexposure and exposure compensation. This has resulted as the film has aged to a nice tone, which has been a favorite among Lomophiles, Holgaists, vintage camera enthusiasts, and every other shooter imaginable. The expired film shooters, who love to have fun, shoot film, and experiment with different types of emulsions, give this one flying colors! Outdated, Cold Stored Expired Film Day Every Day