3 - D 35mm Point and Shoot Cameras

3 - D 35mm Point and Shoot Cameras
Please remember that these are NEW "Old Stock" and c ame out of a warehouse agfter sitting, palletized for several years. There really is no #D processing being offfered anymore and we have found the best way toi utilize theese cameras is the "4 shot" GIF file that kind of gives you a 3-D effect shot. So, again, we are looking for ways to incorporate film technology (analog) with computer technology (digital). We go a bit more into detail about this on our blog, if you happened to catch that posting.

Long considered the ugly duckling of the consumer lenticular cameras, the Nishika is now in high regard as the most versatile of the breed, because the camera features three aperature settings, unlike other lenticular cameras, which are only point and shoot cameras. And now as technology is making personal lenticular print making possible and affordable, there is a rush to get a camera or two before the price of a lenticular camera catches up with this new demand. A factory sealed vintage Nishika N8000 35mm 3D camera, camera strap, owner's manual/instruction book, all this, still priced at a bargain you should not miss.

The Nishika N8000 stereo lenticular camera uses standard 35mm color print film. When viewing lenticular prints, no special glasses or viewers are needed. The camera takes four photos simultaneously from four slightly different angles using a 30mm Quadra Lens System of four identical lenses that are precisely aligned. The lenses have a fixed focal length and have such great depth-of-field that they are focus free. To get all that 3D goodness requires special processing, (which really does not exist anymore, for all pratical purposes) otherwise it just gives fun, cool images. The Nishika N8000 was designed for making lenticular prints. The type of print where the image appears different depending on your viewing angle. In order to do this is has 4 30mm lenses spaced across the front that all have shutters that trip at the same time. The outer two lenses are spaced apart about the distance of human eyes and give a stereoscopic view.

However what you can do is scan the 35mm negatives in and build the resulting files into an animated GIF.


* Exclusive quadra lens system incorporates four precision-matched lenses to produce 3D prints that rival other 3 lens lenticular cameras.

* Uses standard 35mm color print film - ISO/ASA 200 for outdoors or 1600 for indoors.

* Built-in protective lens cover.

* Ergonomic design fits comfortably in your hands. * Rotary film advance.

* Film counter.

* Standard flash shoe

* Easy to use variable aperture for optimal exposure control.

* Film identification window.