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Rollei / Maco Black-and-White Films

Rollei / Maco Black-and-White FilmsMaco and Rollei are a well known "Boutique" Film manufacturer in Germany and we got a hold of some of their hard to find 100 speed film manufactured as a private label for Mitsubishi. ISO 100 speed Film and some UP 400 as well. Now the exact film is most likely the Adox/Efke 100 version, although Maco told us at the time the master rolls were from another famous manufacturer. Anyway, the film really has some unique characteristics and when processed in Rodinal 1 + 25 at 9 min., we truly have had some outstanding results. This film is absolutely perfect for Lomofiles and Holga Heads and we really enjoyed the results shot through our Hipstermatic SLR Toy Camera. Enjoy!

Maco MW 100 B&W Gekko Film / 35mm x 24 exp.
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Maco UP 400 B&W Macophot Film / 35mm x 24 exp.

Rollei / Maco Black-and-White Films