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Kodak Advantix APS 400 25 Exposure Color Film

Kodak Advantix APS 400 25 Exposure Color Film

Kodak Advantix APS 400 25 Exposure Color Film

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400-speed Advanced Photo System film designed for zoom cameras and action shots
T-Grain Emulsion technology for low-light settings
Drop-in loading
Automatic reject device guards against double exposure

Kodak Advantix films are truly hybrid products. They use breakthrough photographic emulsion and coating technologies to deliver excellent image quality in the smaller film format. At the same time, Kodak's magnetics technology enables coating the entire surface of the film with a transparent magnetic layer. This layer records digital information that links all Advanced Photo System components through information exchange (IX). IX permits communication between you, the camera, the film, and the photofinishing equipment in the lab that processes and prints your film.

Kodak Advantix 400 multi-purpose film is the right choice for use in low light, for fast action, for zoom photography, and for extending your flash distance range. This improved high-speed film delivers more accurate color rendition, with more vibrant, saturated colors - an enhancement that's particularly noticeable in film that's been accidentally overexposed. Its improved fine grain means outstanding panoramic shots - even when film is underexposed. Optimized skin-tone rendition means great people pictures. And better printing compatibility with other films in the lab means consistent, high-quality prints for you. This film incorporates T-Grain emulsions technology to provide excellent performance in low-light situations or where extended flash range is necessary, and the sharpness usually associated with lower-speed films.

Kodak APS Print Film is designed for high-quality pictures with your APS camera. Kodak designs this film for high-quality performance in a variety of picture-taking situations. You can capture close-up or fast-action shots and panoramic views in bright daylight or low-light conditions. Insert a film cassette into your APS camera and you're ready to take great pictures. A 400-speed APS film that's ideal for capturing fast action.

Kodak's most versatile 400-speed APS film gives you great pictures in sunlight, low light, action, or still life conditions.

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Kodak Advantix APS 400 25 Exposure Color Film